Style knitted scarves winter time 2010-2012

FashionGrandma's knittingSoft and great woolen scarves you can safely buy for a cold-blooded. Mandatory condition - a presence of a great while fringe. Actual colors - pearl gray, chocolate dark-brown, dark blue, milky white.These included is a woolen cap with flap. However an option - apply a scarf at the like time however a headdress.GrayAll shades of gray are rampant on the runways. Opt the one you like and buy your own personal gray scarf: blue-gray or gray-dark-brown, gray-white or darkness gray.Most of a gray scarves - plain, but there are models, so comfortably however a cell.A bright To the notePink, yellow, blue, red, fuchsia - fashionable colors for those who are looking for this winter season, bright accents. Fashionable design - a cell and strip, little and big. These scarves be lovely with solid coat of gray, sable and browned.Cheerful colorful cell already present us Hollywood stars in everyday your.Ornate dark and white and dark and yellow stripe graced the mode catwalks. That scarves are tied extremely easy on a conservative style, and their ends are securely hidden under a coat.A cozy fleeceHeartwarming scarves and cozy gentle fleece has ever been part of a sports and youth image. They can be wound around the neck skin in several layers, how how not to interfere with the ends or tie casually at his side.Relevant in this period also woolen LIC - without the scarf ends. It resembles a cozy sweater collar. This is not just a stylish and extraordinary accent to your image, but as well a extremely soft thing.It is fashionable to tie a scarf in the style of a burqa, covering the nose and mouth. Such an "extreme" option of a designers presented in the fashion of «casual» with sporty elements.  Similar posts:Mode Source Fashion: Style styles of sunglassesVogue The chief trends in footwear styleVogue Fashion Ornamentals: Pre attention.

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