ModeThe current woman always has in her wardrobe at least two or 3 jackets. This is a highly popular type of clothes: jackets soft, give a stylish and sophisticated be, while not constraining movements. In addition, correctly-chosen jacket to emphasize a form and able to attract the striving of others.To become a new jacket is not only functional and comfortable subject of the wardrobe, but as well fashionable new clothes, you claim to know a basic trends of a coming winter time season 2012/2012.  Alike articles:Style Autumn mode: a main wardrobe for workFashion Spring fashion: the basic trendsMode Women's summer garments for each day. . . . Читать полностью -->

Mode Jeans Winter season 2009 - 2012: A holes and scrapes

FashionThis winter time is fashionable to wear jeans with holes and abrasions that cause association with the style of punk. Allowed an abundance of decorative patches. They be especially stylish in combination with a T-shirt-alcoholic.Vogue designers possess long debated a relevance of this tendency. How, while it is certainly not going to give up their positions, particularly thanks to brands like D & G or Disquared2. This winter time, these models are offered by almost all rightly-known international brands.By the way, do that jeans can be in the home, it is to be welcomed. So, my old jeans can easily arrange a second life. Читать полностью -->

Versatile and practical bags: fashion handbags Source 2011

VogueWith the past to the new period pass is as well versatile and practical bag. That large bags are convenient its spaciousness. As, it is serious to remember that it is today a very large and extremely little bag will not enjoy fine popularity. It is good to love a bag of medium size. In this bag you can carry everything you request and keep it in the hand comfortably. Extremely well, if the bag is a big number of interior compartments and pockets, this will create it more practical.In about collections were seen lacquered bags, but this is not a chief tendency of spring 2010. Читать полностью -->

Gerls's style spring jackets 2011: A colors

StyleAt the present time some the blossom scheme. Classical sable color remained well-known however ever, but yet with it are relevant and various shades - purple, plum, dark blue. In a mode includes pastel shades - cream, pink.Very well-known in spring 2012 natural colors: gray, dark-brown, chocolate, olive, sand.Cage, bar, pattern "pied de bullets" (chicken feet) this period at the peak of popularity. Skillful apply of a Scottish cells or "Burberry" gives the opportunity to highlight a advantages of a form, hide flaws.  Same articles:Vogue Summer collection of gerls's clothes big sizes. Part 3Style Autumn Fashion: Key TrendsStyle Cap-mushrooms. . Читать полностью -->

Costume tuxedo Source 2012

ModeAmong the typical trends of source 2013 - women's tuxedos. A chic, stringent and at a like time - a stunningly graceful! And at the height of relevance - a release of a tuxedo with a lovely skirt. For example, a stunning success in a fashion shows used tuxedos with whiteness gerls's mini skirt represented in a collection of Dior. The main unit of this costume - satin lapels.  Alike posts:Mode Ruffles and bowsVogue Summer vogue: HandbagsStyle Men's hats. . . Читать полностью -->

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