Fashion Nails Source 2010: Creative Dark and Whiteness Manicure

FashionFor those who fundamentally do not same the vogue for pastel shades of nail polish, Japanese designers offer a simple decision - creative sable and white manicure with rhinestones. The combination of sable and white ever views very advantageous. A most popular version is a manicure, where on a frosted white background are wide black diagonal stripes. Rhinestones give this manicure evening and festive nature.Author: Sophia Vereshchagin When using a efficacious material and a reprint the reference to gerls's reserved.  Similar articles:Style Style Jewelry: Women's hats: hats, caps, berets, bowlersMode Summer assemblage of gerls's clothing large sizes. Part 2Mode Sunglasses - so an excuse to be elegant. . Читать полностью -->

Fashion shorts Spring-Summer 2011: big waist, country, denim. Mode shorts summer 2012 by famous stylists

ModeShorts - the perfect clothes for a heartwarming time. Fashion shorts - it's not just a comfortable item, it also allows you to show a good form and shapely legs. Designers like with shorts for a great while time. They successfully combine them with a variety of items in a gerls's locker room, comprise them in business costumes and romantic images.Style trends of a time summer 2011  Alike articles:Fashion What to wear to a job in the summerFashion Summer vogue: Holidays: Ideas compatibility summer female and male wardrobeVogue A most fashionable hats and handbags for fall-winter period. . . Читать полностью -->

Long Live a geometry!

FashionGeometric prints are more popular this summer - both in clothes and footwear. Strip, cell, circles and triangles - all these ornaments are pop currently however ever. Moreover, - precise geometry is traced in the form of summer shoes. Space or rectangular heel, for example.  Similar posts:Mode Naked Heat: swimwearStyle Autumn mode women's coat: Graduation in length: MiniMode Christmas presents, figgery, depending on a horoscope. . . Читать полностью -->

Denim shorts: jeans style summer 2011

StyleDenim shorts this season are more various from last summer: you are concise and they are decent. No provocative cuts and hanging fringe. Very relevant plain whiteness shorts. They can be combined with a whiteness shirt. White does not happen much - the motto of the summer of 2012.  Similar posts:Mode Elegant jacketsFashion Lace - it is how great!Mode All items: Fashion Ornamentals Fall Period. . Читать полностью -->

Skin jacket women's fashion Spring 2013

StyleAs well remain popular and leather jackets. Preference is given to short jacket (up to a waist and above). However for a color, you can pick out either to your taste, from black to bright colors. And the purple is yet in vogue.In the fashion plaid jacket. A jacket keep to be The fitted and short.  Alike posts:Style Summer vogue. Sunglasses - so an excuse to be stylishFashion Fashion jewelry: however easy is it to pick up a useful Christmas present?Mode Fashionable gerls's shoes Summer 2013 period. Читать полностью -->

Spring 2011 Vogue Nails: Nail polish source of 2013. Fashionable shape and length of the nail polish bloom. Drawings and sculpture on a nails. French manicure and creative

VogueNail polish can either add to an image, or actually ruin it. Therefore, manicure ever paid much attention. To be really fashionable, it is important to know how long the nails need be, and what shades of lacquer are a most well-known in this period.  Alike articles:Fashion Fall fashion footwearMode Graduation Party: Ideas outfitsWedding clothesVogue Updates in the photo gallery of clothes for prom. . . . Читать полностью -->

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