Large handbags spring 2012

VogueAmong the most pop trends of source 2012 - roomy bag with short handles. They frequently keep a rectangular shape with rounded corners. That bags are made of textiles or skin, often - of their combinations. However for color - most designers offer pastel shades. However decorative items frequently act stones, crystals, chains and embroidery.  Similar articles:Mode Fashion trends of a fall season 2013: The Gerls's Coats & JacketsFashion Autumn Fashion: Gerls's Business CostumeStyle Fall Fashion 2013: Gerls's coats, ponchos and jackets. . Читать полностью -->

Spring 2012 Style Nails

VogueIn a female configuration no trifles. Lovely rightly-groomed hands and neat, chic nails - an great part of a image. Particular attention goes to our hands and nails with a arrival of source, when we finally remove a gloves.As to create a trendy manicure, what colors and shades are relevant to this spring? Any woman will be able to choose the most suitable technique, because designers offer a huge diversity of options.  Similar articles:Vogue Summer fashion: Holidays: Ideas compatibility summer female and male wardrobeVogue Mode Figgery: Pre careMode rate. . . . Читать полностью -->

High waist: style shorts summer 2012

FashionWaist back in put. This is a highly serious point. The most fashionable shorts - this is the model with the location of the waist is at a point where it actually is.Mini-length and clipsA most topical shorts, so correctly how finish year, short. But there is a significant caveat. Do not short and fast, and the short and free, for example with tucks. That shorts are somewhat similar skirts.Average lengthIn the period of spring-summer 2013 the second most pop model - a direct medium-length shorts with cuffs.A flapsSmall flaps - current emphasis in the spring and summer of 2011. Читать полностью -->

Pony Tail

StyleOn New Year's permitted to experiment with the hair. However - you need not be limited to the classical tail, fixed big on a back of his head. Try to throw in a thin tail poluraspuschennye great hair, arranged in a neat hairstyle. Highly unusual and festive be asymmetrically positioned tail - for example, over the eye or neck skin with one mitt. And, It is possible to braid a hair into a bundle, and leave the remaining strand dangle in a ponytail.  Similar posts:Mode Wedding: photo of nice dressesMode Gerls's hatsMode Summer tops, blouses and skirts holiday time. . Читать полностью -->

ModeThe current woman always has in her wardrobe at least two or 3 jackets. This is a highly popular type of clothes: jackets soft, give a stylish and sophisticated be, while not constraining movements. In addition, correctly-chosen jacket to emphasize a form and able to attract the striving of others.To become a new jacket is not only functional and comfortable subject of the wardrobe, but as well fashionable new clothes, you claim to know a basic trends of a coming winter time season 2012/2012.  Alike articles:Style Autumn mode: a main wardrobe for workFashion Spring fashion: the basic trendsMode Women's summer garments for each day. . . . Читать полностью -->

Mode Jeans Winter season 2009 - 2012: A holes and scrapes

FashionThis winter time is fashionable to wear jeans with holes and abrasions that cause association with the style of punk. Allowed an abundance of decorative patches. They be especially stylish in combination with a T-shirt-alcoholic.Vogue designers possess long debated a relevance of this tendency. How, while it is certainly not going to give up their positions, particularly thanks to brands like D & G or Disquared2. This winter time, these models are offered by almost all rightly-known international brands.By the way, do that jeans can be in the home, it is to be welcomed. So, my old jeans can easily arrange a second life. Читать полностью -->

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