Fashionable shoes Winter period 2009-2012: elegant women's boots

FashionA elegant, extravagant, and at the same time feminine boots alone accentuate a impeccable taste.Wide leg opening unlimited possibilities to your fantasy. With that boots will be Legency, hard jeans, pants, jeans, and collected in an accordion.11 centimeter stiletto heels, the original castle originating in the configuration of a flower.A great version for those gerls who love to be the center of attention, elegant shoes which plays a major role.  Like articles:Style Women's vogue winter period hatsVogue Autumn vogue gerls's coat: Graduation in length: MiniFashion When temperatures: fall vogue styles. . . . . Читать полностью -->

FashionTightly pants are yet valid, although the last time you pushed tight enough wide model. They may be a helf alternative for those who are not highly fond of slacks. This time, the pants may be so narrow and thin that views more same tights. However, if a legs are not perfect, it is best to take a larger model. Firmly pants much much adhesive qualities foot tapping with all your flaws.  Resembling articles:Vogue Summer Style: Clothes for graduatesFashion Fashion of fashionable hatsMode Gerls's autumn suit. Fashionable, elegant, soft. Читать полностью -->

Vogue handbags Spring 2010: blossom, clutches. Decor bags in a Spring 2011 period. Bags of retro and ethnic fashion. Substances bags

StyleIn anticipation of spring 2013 it's time to update not only the wardrobe, but also a handbag that is an inherent part of every girl.What child of bag will be fashionable in a new year 2013? That prepared us for the world's stylists? We can say that style handbags designed in 2012 mainly in the classical fashion. You are practical and feminine at the same time. Stylists enjoy decided to focus on a bloom and decor.In a spring of all you ever wish bright and rich colors. Speaking of colors, for a spring 2011 handbag fashion designers possess created all sorts of shades of purple, green, purple, pink and blue. Fashion bag of a new time want be bright and memorable. Perhaps this trend is linked to the world economy from a oppressive state of a financial crisis. Читать полностью -->

StyleFirmly pants are yet valid, although the finish time you pushed firmly enough wide model. You may be a great alternative for those who are not much fond of slacks. This season, a pants can be so narrow and thin that views more similar tights. However, if a legs are not perfect, it is best to choose a larger model. Strongly pants more much adhesive qualities foot tapping with all the flaws.  Alike posts:Vogue Summer clothes: photo gallery options chosenStyle Summer Mode: Sunglasses: A most fashionable modelsVogue Spring Mode Gallery ladies suit. . Читать полностью -->

Gerls's fashion source jackets 2012: A colors

FashionPresently approximately the flower scheme. Classical dark flower remained well-known however ever, but along with it are relevant and different shades - purple, plum, darkness blue. In a mode includes pastel shades - cream, pink.Highly popular in source 2012 natural colors: gray, brownness, chocolate, olive, sand.Cage, bar, pattern "pied de bullets" (chicken feet) this period at a peak of popularity. Skillful apply of a Scottish cells or "Burberry" gives a opportunity to highlight a advantages of a figure, hide flaws.  Resembling posts:Vogue Autumn vogue collection. With the simple - to glamVogue Gloves Siberian DameFashion Sew a summer costume for the slim and full figures. . Читать полностью -->

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